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Partial client list
Appliance Therapy Practitioners Association (dentists), Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Michele E. Haddad Memorial Seminar presented by the Dental Residency Program, Faxton – St. Luke’s Healthcare, Utica College, New York.

Pediatric/Neonatal Clinical Update sponsored by Eastern Area Health Education Center and Children's Hospital University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina in Greenville, North Carolina.

Keynote speaker at The 22nd Annual Nursing Conference on Pediatric Primary Care in Phoenix for the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners.

The American Association for Therapeutic Humor conference in Nashville.

Toledo Children's Hospital Pediatric Emergency Conference (twice).

Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine Division of Continuing Education (3 times).

Edu-Center for Nurses and the Hawaii Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners.



James M. Rozanski D.D.S, Director of Dental Services, Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare, Utica, NY wrote:

Mr. Hickman was a guest speaker at our 10th Annual Dr. Michele Haddad Memorial Seminar on March 17, 2006. Over 250 from the dental community attend this seminar annually. Mr. Hickman's presentation was very well received. Each year we solicit feedback from our audience after the seminar is completed. The following is a small sample of the comments I received:

"Practical application (to the dental office)."
"Good ideas for (use with) children."
"Explained tricks so we could do them ourselves."
"Excellent, interesting, time went by fast."
"It was wonderful to have something different that puts a new twist on fun in the workplace."
"Gave us something to distract a younger child when having a hard time in the office."
"(It was valuable) to know there are simple tricks that even I can do to calm the fears of a child."
"(Valuable for) putting a child at ease if they are apprehensive."
"Very engaging - wonderful speaker."
"Simple tricks to use for anxiety for all ages."
"Great suggestions for distracting children's apprehension."
"A lot of fun and something wonderfully different than the same old seminar material."
"Enjoyed learning a new technique to make a child's visit to the dentist much more pleasant."
"Fresh idea, using magic to calm a child."
"Loved the presentation."
"Fun and humorous."
"Creative ideas for pediatric management."
"You held our attention - good speaker."
"Because I work with children, this topic was very valuable and entertaining."
"Terrific ideas for diverting kids attention."
"It was very unexpected and fun that definitely can be incorporated into our work."
"Encouraged you to have a sense of fun with young patients to relax them."
"Kept attention throughout presentation."
"Valuable in knowing what to do with children afraid or crying."
"Very good presenter."

On a more personal note, I found Mr. Hickman enjoyable to work with. The audience was riveted to their seats for his entire presentation. I would highly recommend that anyone who treats children on a regular basis attend one of Mr. Hickman's presentations.

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