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Great energy and enthusiasm. As a recreation therapist, these are awesome ideas we can use daily with our kids."
-Helene Freni, Hawaii


BJ Hickman
623 Sixth St.
Dover, NH 03820
Toll-free: 1-888-262-4425
(603) 742-4010





  What's it all about?

Professional magician BJ Hickman developed a humorous presentation to help health care providers relax child patients and their families. 

In this keynote address, breakout session, or hands-on workshop, participants learn easy, reliable methods to hold children’s attention, spark interest, change their thoughts, and create smiles and laughter. They actually become eager for their next visit.

In BJ Hickman's PediaTRICKS.com speaking engagements, he promotes and supports family values, communication, the power of humor, and the enthusiasm and excitement generated by wonder.

It's a serious look at laughter, which will add something different to your conference or convention.

  Full-time professional magician BJ Hickman produces and performs audience participation magic shows for child-care facilities, preschools, festivals, corporate events, arts centers and libraries. He does shows for adults as well. He is credited with having done 5,000 live performances for nearly 500,000 people.

He is an Order of Merlin-Shield (35 year) member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and a member of the Academy of Magical Arts.

  His school assembly programs have been popular at New England area elementary schools for many years. Programs include "The Magic of Reading" and "Conflict Resolution." For educators, BJ's professional development in-service, Inventive Teacher, provides ideas for teachers to more easily reach benchmarks, add more interest, and get students to focus.

  In addition to New England area venues, BJ Hickman performs throughout the United States at places including the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, (for nine years) and at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City (twice). His lectures for fellow magicians and speaking presentations for healthcare professionals have taken him to many major cities from Hawaii to Maine.


Who is likely to benefit?
Developed for Pediatric health care providers, but equally valuable and easily adaptable for:
Parks and Rec. staff Photographers
Wait Staff
Child Care Directors/staff
Scout Leaders
Customer Service Reps
Baby Sitters
Police Officers
Theme Park Staff
Flight Attendants
Cruise Ship Staff Pediatricians
School Principals
See for yourself
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