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Quote of the Page
"Thanks for the ideas, fun, $ positive energy shared."
- Patricia Deacon, RN, Greenville, NC
BJ Hickman
623 Sixth St.
Dover, NH 03820
Toll-free: 1-888-262-4425
(603) 742-4010








The PediaTRICKS program (on diversion and techniques for relaxing young patients) for health care professionals is BJ Hickman's main program! There are several other programs that can accompany his visit to your facility, conference or convention.

Kids DO Say The Darndest Things!
  Art Linkletter was right. Magician BJ Hickman shares some magical moments he has documented from presenting thousands of school assembly programs for children and professional development for teachers. Be prepared to laugh.

Magic Speaks Louder Than Words
  Professional magician BJ Hickman will teach several magic tricks with every day objects that you can do to dazzle your friends, break the ice at corporate functions, or get your foot in the door to improve sales.

Magic Is A Tricky Business
  New Hampshire's BJ Hickman had a successful career in radio broadcasting. Learn how BJ took his local radio experience in personality development, sales, marketing, creativity, and promotion to become a full-time nationally sought after magical entertainer and speaker.

Magical History Tour
  Magician BJ Hickman presents an entertaining discussion on the magic and magicians who have built the foundation for the magic we enjoy today.

The Magical Motivator
  Magician and lecturer BJ Hickman instructs fellow magicians, speakers, and teachers how to add magic to their presentations. Learn some secrets for use in your life.

The Magic Show
  Perfect after dinner or luncheon entertainment for conference attendees. It is often arranged to schedule a magic show for the children's ward when visiting hospitals with his speaking presentation.

The Magic of Reading
  This is BJ Hickman's most popular school assembly program for elementary school children. It's a literacy program that some schools schedule year after year.

Conflict Resolution
  BJ's magical program for upper elementary and middle school students focuses on making responsible choices and facing consequences.

Recycling Magic
  BJ Hickman shares another of his interests, the environment. This fun, educational program is often sponsored by Waste Management.

Photo Gallery

BJ Hickman addresses a group in Connecticut
BJ Hickman addresses a group in Connecticut

Boston First Night, Hynes Convention Center

Clowning around at a school assembly program

BJ poses in front of bales of recyclables following his Recycling Magic program at a Waste Management facility in Massachusetts

Free Book Offer
Preview BJ Hickman's book, Magic Speaks Louder than Words. Details at home page.
Hidden Treasure

Details of BJ Hickman's services as a magician are at www.BJHickman.com!