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Order your copy of BJ Hickman's book here. Lots more, too!

Price: $6.
Balloons for making balloon animals and other sculptures, bag of 50.
Balloon Animal Kit
Price: $18.
Includes hand air inflator, 48 balloons, and instruction book.
Clown Nose
Price: $2 each, $12 dozen.
Hard plastic. This nose will last, bright red.
Color Vision Box
Price: $5.
Great beginner trick. Box is 1.5 inches square.


Finger Spies
Price: $2.
Keep it in your pocket and use it as an aid to communicate with children, or just for the fun of it.
Hoberman Sphere
Price: $35.
Fun, expanding sphere toy, an ingenious invention, terrific diversion.
Magic Wands
Price: $2, 12 for $12
These wands create wonder and excitement in the hands of a child. 10.5 in., plastic.


Magic Coloring Book
Price: $10.
Every page magically colors in with the help of curious, wide-eyed children.

Book is also available as PDF on CD. Perfect "keeper" for presentation attendees.                

Magic Speaks Louder than Words
BJ Hickman

Price: $20. (88 pages)
Magic tricks, diversions, and curiosities for adults who want to improve communication with children. Recommended!
Mouse Puppet
Price: $8.
A highlight in BJ Hickman
presentations. It looks and ACTS alive. Children remember it for years.


Rope and Vase Trick
Price: $10.
This is an old trick with engaging capabilities, 9 inches tall in plastic.


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